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New Book!

I am a newly (self)published author. I realize it is a dirty word in most circles but it isn’t as bad the perception as long as it is done correctly. I feel like my book was done correctly with an editor and the whole bit. It is called Lilika and Other Journeys.

Where is it available? It can be purchased on your Kindle or KindleApp. You can go to your local bookshop and they will gladly order it for you to be delivered to them for you to pick up. (Some folks say this makes them feel legitimate. I personally don’t care how I access words as long as I CAN access words) or you can even go to to order your copy. If you are a prime member there is a discount of a couple of bucks. I can’t forget, and probably should have mentioned first, my createspace website. For reasons of full disclosure I should tell you that if you order your copy through my createspace page I get more of a royalty payment but please order it from where ever you feel comfortable…JUST BE SURE TO ORDER IT!!!


Cover of my new book.

Cover of my new book.