Author: HD Russell

I was born and raised in Kingsport TN. I have written one book thus far and I am currently working on my second book which is filled with original poetry and artwork. I am also in the throws of writing a series.

White Horse

White Horse is an excerpt from Lilika and Other Journeys

I saw a white horse on a green hill

The rain drizzled fog swayed in cool air

The horse’s eyes stared into my own

I struggled to understand

Eternity in a moment…


If you want to read more excerpts visit my author site or of course there is the BOOK!


Oh, and what do you think of my (very) homemade advert made with my webcam and some post its because apparently I stutter too much to talk in a commercial…even though I was alone. Click the words “The Advert” link below. It is on youtube.

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I am currently filling my ears with Tool and A Perfect Circle. The lyrics are always an inspiration for me. I have never understood why and I have learned to not question such business. Am I the only person this happens to or is Tool just that kind of band? Maynard that good of a song writer? I think the answers are, of course, yes.

I am working on the first book of a series I am attempting to write/flesh out on paper from my brain. Not an easy task, I assure you. It makes for a long process when I have only lunch breaks and the odd down time moment. Are all writers frustrated by this? I know I am not the only one out there who doesn’t have the life (funds) it takes to dedicate to writing.

Anyway, best of luck to you. I will be here.

Ever have that moment?

I was considering my family. The part I am, for somewhat obvious reasons, “estranged” from. While we have dramatically different views we aren’t hostile, we are at the least cordial. Hostility would never do in a proper southern family. We just don’t speak of our differences when we are forced to be in the same room or on the same patio. I stopped going to holidays with that side of the family a couple of years ago. It does no one any mental good to spend time on a holiday not being spoken to. Anyway, I have ordered some copies of my book (I am stockpiling for a LGBT+ Festival at UT in the Fall.) And now I am debating over whether I should send them copies of my book. They know I have written one, I believe my kid sister has even liked the book’s page on the facebook machine ( but I am quite sure they haven’t read it. While I wish it were a somewhat saucy read the only naughty bit is the words “wet femininity” and that is a VERY short section and much less saucy than even the Song of Solomon. Anyway, I am curious but not overly concerned with their reactions to me sending them (signed 😉 ) copies but I guess I am just wondering if I should or shouldn’t for whatever reason. I have no compelling argument for or against doing it. There is nothing about them or their view of the world within the pages so any adverse reaction would be merely from deeply ingrained perceptions. Which, in my world view, counts as more of brainwashing than reality because it doesn’t originate with the person and their personal journey but with a group (or sheep) mentality. What would you do, if anything? Curiously yours, H.D.

Just thought to mention…

I also have a website that has an ENTIRE CHAPTER of Lilika on it. There are pictures, a small biography, more pictures, and some other excerpts from Lilika and Other Journeys.

There is also a Facebook page for Lilika and Other Journeys that you should absolutely go like. My Twitter page posts to it so there is no end to the access! Which leaves you with many avenues to tell me how rotten I am or how I touched you with my words. Hopefully, you wouldn’t be an ass. We need to lift each other up as there are too many people ready to pull us down.

Now that I have said that please go visit any of these social networks, fall in love with my words, order my book. I don’t care about the order of these actions.

Thank you.

And good night…


New Book!

I am a newly (self)published author. I realize it is a dirty word in most circles but it isn’t as bad the perception as long as it is done correctly. I feel like my book was done correctly with an editor and the whole bit. It is called Lilika and Other Journeys.

Where is it available? It can be purchased on your Kindle or KindleApp. You can go to your local bookshop and they will gladly order it for you to be delivered to them for you to pick up. (Some folks say this makes them feel legitimate. I personally don’t care how I access words as long as I CAN access words) or you can even go to to order your copy. If you are a prime member there is a discount of a couple of bucks. I can’t forget, and probably should have mentioned first, my createspace website. For reasons of full disclosure I should tell you that if you order your copy through my createspace page I get more of a royalty payment but please order it from where ever you feel comfortable…JUST BE SURE TO ORDER IT!!!


Cover of my new book.

Cover of my new book.